Modular system

Allow easily combination with pre- or final filters

The plug-in filter system allows for space-saving where space is limited.

The 2-in-1 filtration system solutions based on the unique modular clip-on system allows close coupling to either the intermediate or the final filter without any structural modifications.
  • Case : filtration 1+ 1

    1st filtration stage with bag filter and 2nd stage with MaxiPleat in a limited space for a better efficiency.
  • Case : filtration 1+2

    1st filter stage with bag filter and 2nd stage with MaxiPleat and a 3rd stage with NanoPleat for higher purity by passing to EPA/ultrafine filtration stage.
  • Case : filtration 2+1

    Two in one: better protection against external moisture and corrosion thanks to the hydroMaxx coalescing prefilter and MaxiPleat rigid filter.

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