Pre-filter or filter :

optimal protection against humidity.

The hydroMaxx pocket filters offer 4 main advantages:

1/ the hydrophobic and progressive composition of the inverted media works as a reliable coalescer for water droplets and high humidity, which by flowing out of the vertical pockets, considerably reduces salt and hydrocarbon infiltration.

2/ Thanks to the inverted media concept, the dust is not stored as easily as in a traditional bag filter. The hydroMaxx uses an integrated, self-supporting plastic cage system to optimize performance. As a result, the drainage water washes the dust captured on the filter media.

3/ Maximum functional reliability due to the watertight configuration of the welded edges of the filter pockets foamed into a PUR frame.

4/ the 2 in 1 filtration system thanks to the clips allows a close coupling with the intermediate or final filter without any structural modification.

Dimensions L x H x l (mm)ISO 16890Nominal volume flow (m³/h)Initial pressure loss (Pa)
558 x 558x 345ISO ePM10 50% 425065

  • Dimensions L x H x l (mm)

    558 x 558x 345

  • ISO 16890

    ISO ePM10 50%

  • Nominal volume flow (m³/h)


  • Initial pressure loss (Pa)


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