AWT frames

made by AIRWATEC (Belgium)

Airwatec has developed a unique process of manufacturing filter frames.

We produce the over-moulding of polyurethane frames as a rigid support for the permeable filter media.
Filter frames are used to protect air conditioning, ventilation systems, control panels and heating systems in
• heavy industry: cement, iron and steel mills,
• automotive industry: paint shops,
• food and beverage industry,
• petrochemical and chemical industry.

The process of injecting a synthetic frame on the filter media offers several advantages :

  • high rigidity
  • guaranteed watertightness due to the extended media outside the frame board
  • perfect humidity resistance (100%)
  • washable filter.
  • wide range of efficiencies from G2 to F6
  • a dihedral system specially adapted for use in heavily dusted areas => AIRWABOX

Available sizes (mm):

610 x 610

610 x305

500 x 500

500 x 400

625 x 400

625 x 500

700 x 500


and sizes customer made (OEM-frames)

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