made by AIRWATEC (Belgium)

Compact and modular, the AIRWABOX filter is designed for highly polluted areas. Where classical filtration is no longer sufficient and where a dust remover would consume too much energy, the AIRWABOX manufactured at Airwatec, in Eupen (Belgium), offers infinite solutions.

AirwaBox is used in cement industry, iron and steel industry, chemical industry, power stations, paper pulp industry, paintshop for the automobile industry, petrochemical industry and food and beverage industry.

  • Robustness: the system is made of a very rigid (∆ max: 8.000Pa) and corrosion resistant aluminum skeleton.
  • Quality: Viledon filters are classified G3 to F6. They are made of hardened polyurethane frame 100% synthetic, durable and moisture-proof.  The edge of the filter fulfills the role of gasket. By each replacement of the filter, the gasket solution is renewed. Easy to incinerate completely.
  • Long lifetime due to the rigidity of the filter and the choice of high retention capacity media. AirwaBox can collect up to 14kg of dust.
  • Reliability: the high quality of the box with its synthetic and aluminum components ensure optimal, economical and durable protection of your equipment.

One Airwabox is equipped by HO frames with P15/350 media (class G3) and is designed for a maximum flow rate of 8.000m³/h. The speed of passage by 0.46m/sec helps the permeable deposit of dust strongly reducing the pressure drop.

The HO P15/500 (washable) and HO G4 (non-washable) media classified G4 have a maximum flow rate of 6,000m³/h and 8,000m³/h per unit.

The HO A3/300 media of class M5 has a max. flow rate of 4.000m³/h.

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