Industrial Environment Optimization: An Advanced Filtration System

The engineering service of Airwatec once again demonstrates its expertise in the filtration of industrial emissions

Some installations can be considered engineering masterpieces aimed at reconciling industrial imperatives with the strictest environmental standards. One of our recent achievements involved equipping silos with filters to prevent any polluted emissions into the ambient air. Thanks to a sophisticated ducting network and absolute filtration applied to the emissions of the 8 silo filters, engineers at Airwatec successfully harmonized the industrial productivity of our client while adhering to very stringent emission standards.

Fundamental Principle

Each row of 4 silos has been cleverly connected to a ducting network, orchestrating the flow of air emerging from the silos towards dedicated filtration chambers. A crucial consideration for the operating permit led to the installation of an elegant chimney, propelling the filtered air above the silos to avoid any ground-level emissions. The ingenuity of the installation lies in its two distinct variable-flow filtration chambers, each serving 4 silos, ensuring optimal filtration.

Exemplary Filtration Chambers

The filtration chambers, designed with folded stainless steel sheets, provide great rigidity and a long lifespan while optimizing materials. Each chamber is equipped with two filtration levels. The first level incorporates 4 VILEDON® MX95 filters of “F8” filtration class, while the second level features 4 VILEDON® HEPA filters of “H13” class. These filters are housed in stainless steel frames with durable EPDM seals to ensure optimal airtightness. Needle gauges coupled with pressure transmitters facilitate filter fouling monitoring, ensuring continuous efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Industrial Fan

The heart of this installation relies on an EC-type industrial fan, characterized by its free-wheeling and exceptional adaptability. Capable of reaching an airflow of 3,500 m³/h, it ensures an air flow according to the installation’s needs, independent of fouling in different filtration stages, ensuring optimal performance and energy consumption. The fan programming and commissioning were expertly carried out by Airwatec. Durable and Optimized Ducting Networks. Airwatec pays particular attention to optimizing ducting networks to minimize pressure losses while avoiding the deposition of evacuated material. These studies enable meeting client needs while reducing energy consumption. Elements of this network, from ducts to elbows, fixing collars, quick assembly collars, and shaped parts, are meticulously designed in stainless steel to guarantee maximum structural integrity.

In conclusion, this installation is more than just an industrial configuration; it is a testament to human ingenuity in designing solutions that combine productivity with increased environmental responsibility. Through a harmonious blend of advanced technologies, quality materials, and meticulous planning, it represents a significant step towards a cleaner and more efficient industrial future

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