Paint mist collectors

by the dry

edrizzi® paint mist collectors enable high-quality dry separation in paint booths. They are perfect as a pre-filter in multi-stage filter systems. They can be replaced without creating downtime in paint workshops.

Their advantages:

  • low cost removal of dried paint (in incineration factories), without the addition of chemicals ( coagulation agents, antifoam, bactericides, etc.) ;
  • the noise level in the coating area is reduced to a value between 15 and 20 dB ;
  • No emission of humidity or wet paint odors;
  • fits on all surface materials;
  • absorption capacity of up to 100 kg/m2 max;
  • degree of separation of the over spray of max. 97% without water !
  • no more disposal costs for paint sludge trash or pump equipment ;
  • Reduction of corrosion and cleaning costs in the spray booth;
  • facilitated storage of disassembled boxes.

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