Chemical or gas phase filtration

A critical challenge deserves a sophisticated solution

Viledon gas phase filtration solutions are designed to protect sensitive components and systems against corrosion. As well as supplying the necessary ChemControl pellets and filtration units, we conduct comprehensive range of services.

- CarboPleat activated-carbon and DuoPleat combination filters improve indoor air quality und protect people as well as sensitive products, processes and equipment, by eliminating or reducing pollutant gases and unwanted odours.

- Granules are used for the prevention of corrosion caused by acidic gases. They remove contaminant gases by means of adsorption, absorption and chemisorption.

  • Carbopleat / Duopleat

    The activated-carbon media in both filters are secured by a patented bonding process and offer maximized active surface for efficient gas adsorption. The DuoPleat "2 in 1" filters, with their additional 3-layer high-performance nonwoven on the upstream side, also provide Class M6 particle filtration at the same time.

    Special pellets are utilized for ammonia and chlorine in paper and chemical pulp industrie, petrochemistry, mining, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, computer center, labs, microelectronics, fertilizer.
    They contain potassium permanganate to eliminate contaminants via oxidation reaction to inactive solids.

    The active carbon pellets contain phosphoric acid for the capture of ammonia derivatives (fertilizer production, wastewater treatment plant).

    Hybrid solution of a mix of extruded zeolite pellets and active carbon pellets for the capture of a wide spectrum of molecules.
  • AIRWA 310x310

    Box to be filled with pellets (of your choice) to captive volatile organic compounds.

    Activated carbon grains capture heavy volatile organic compounds.
  • REOX

    The REOX cassette tailor-made by Airwatec with pellets or grains of your choice, will be used in air handling units.

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