Regulate temperature losses

Improvement of ventilation to evacuate cumulative heat losses from the equipment present and regulate the temperature in an industrial facility, while ensuring good air quality. Custom installation by Airwatec's engineering service.
  1. Installation Objective: The primary objective of the ventilation system is to maintain the temperature inside the industrial space by limiting the temperature difference compared to the outside. This is achieved through a system of air inlets and air extraction.
  2. Air Inlets: The air inlets are located on the front facade of the building and are designed to allow controlled outdoor air intake. Each air inlet is equipped with a rain-resistant acoustic damper made of galvanized steel. These dampers provide both weather protection and sound control.
  3. Air Extraction: Air extraction is situated at the rear of the building, under the roof of the space. This system consists of several components:
    • Two sections of ducting, equipped with distributed extraction grilles for efficient removal of contaminated air.
    • The two ducting sections converge into a common T-junction that extends through the rear facade to the outside.
    • A bend redirects the extraction along the siding.
    • An extraction fan with a calculated airflow and variable speed to adjust ventilation according to needs.
    • A silencer is used to reduce the noise generated by the fan.
    • A horizontal discharge with a birdproof grille facilitates the exhaust of extracted air to the outside while preventing unwanted objects from entering.
  4. Control: The system’s control is managed by a control panel located inside the space, at the back, directly above the fan. This control panel includes several essential components:
    • A power indicator light to indicate the presence of electrical power.
    • A fan operation indicator light to monitor the status of the fan.
    • A lockable safety switch for safety purposes.
    • An emergency run switch that switches the fan to maximum airflow when needed, especially during interventions.
    • A thermostat with displays of the set temperature, the temperature measured by the temperature sensor, and the ability to adjust the temperature setting.
  5. External Temperature Sensor: An external temperature sensor is placed at the highest point, under the extraction duct. This sensor measures the actual temperature in the extraction area, contributing to precise control of the system based on local conditions.

In conclusion, this ventilation system is designed to meet the requirements for temperature control and air quality in the industrial space. It provides controlled outdoor air intake through the air inlets, efficient removal of contaminated air via the extraction fan, and precise temperature control thanks to the thermostat and external temperature sensor, all while ensuring operator safety through the safety switch.

Did you know that Airwatec has a department of engineers who often find solutions for heat loss in industrial environments? Made in Belgium.

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