Accessories for air filters

High-quality accessories for your filter system

The high-quality accessories are perfectly matched to the entire range of filters. In addition to mounting frames and plug-on gaskets for air filter, we also offer differential pressure drop measuring instruments and accessories for dust removal filters.

  • Mounting frames

AIRWATEC mounting frames are suitable for the installation of Viledon filters with a frontal frame, e.g. compact bag filters or MaxiPleat cassette filters. Panel filters with a standard 48 mm deep can also be installed.

  • Plug-in gasket

The NOMACLIPS plug-in gasket is held in place by the clamping effect of an EPDM-coated metal staple; no special adhesives or fixing agents are required.

  • Differential pressure measuring equipment

To monitor the differential pressure, AIRWATEC supplies measuring equipment with multiple functions.

The manometers with needle and graduation from 0 to 600 Pa ( precision of 2%) are particularly adapted to measure the pressure drop of filters in filtration installations.

The differential pressure gauges from 100 to 500 Pa are delivered with fixings, 2m of flexible PVC pipe and 2 connection tips.

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