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Technology & Service


Viledon® air filters produced by the German company Freudenberg Filtration Technologies FFT are distributed in Belgium and Luxembourg by Airwatec exclusively.

Airwatec® fulfil this air filter range with his own system Airwabox®, AWT® filter frames and other chemical filtration systems and accessories like manometers and pressure switches for pressure drop control.

Airwatec® is specialized in industrial filtration, turbo machines, compressors, blowers, spray booths, clean rooms, dust removal, chemical filtration, industrial liquid filtration, HVAC air filtration.

For adapted quantities can Airwatec produce, for OEMs, « Private Label » filter frames.


Cintropur® water filters are intended for domestic and industrial water system filtration, as well as rain, spring or well water recovery and treatment. They are also suitable for watering and irrigation.

Cintropur® performs either a mechanical filtration of particles, a chemical filtration through activated carbon absorption, or sterilizes water by ultraviolet radiation of UV-C type.

Cintroclear® purifiers filter drinking water without unnecessarily wasting any of the precious resource.
Many accessories and spare parts are available from your distributors.


Airwatec® specialises in industrial engineering in the following areas:

  • Filtration, ventilation and air or gas purification in industry in general, gas turbines, compressors, blowers, paint booths, clean rooms, dust removal, chemical filtration, industrial liquid filtration, and HVAC filtration. We take care of: surveys, design, manufacturing and installation as per your wishes.
  • Expertise and audits: in-depth technical and commercial analysis of optimal solutions.
  • For YOU, the R&D department with experience in the Cintropur® water filtration system can develop products tailored to your particular application. (For suitable volumes.)
  • Maintenance: more than just a skilled workforce (VCA certified for the petrochemical industry) and products to replace your filters, this is also a full service designed to optimize your installations in terms of monitoring, durability, price, energy efficiency and operating profitability.